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Closing seams fast and easy

  • Brand:Beisler
  • Product Name:Closing seams fast and easy
  • Product Code:1281-5-1



The sewing unit 1281-5-1 have been designed for closing seams as e.g. trousers side seams and inseams, jacket or skirt lining seams. Sewing unit 1281-5-1 is equipped with a preparation table with mouse and reverse device. Its flexibly adjustable guide rail allows a quick adaptation to different seam contours and an overlapped working method. Its high performance is based on the overlapped working method and the high sewing speed of the integrated sewing head. Performance: approx. 900 - 1100 pairs of trousers side seams in 480 min. approx. 1000 - 1200 pairs of trousers inseams in 480 min. approx. 600 complete trousers(4 seams) in 480 min.