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Multi-Needle Sewing Unit

  • Brand:KSL
  • Product Name:Multi-Needle Sewing Unit
  • Product Code:KL 960



Straight sewing of technical textiles
Manufacturing system in modular design for straight sewing of single cuts or roll material with multiple sewing tools in one process.

Besides seat manufacture in the automotive industry and home furniture industry also for straight sewing at filters, insulation material, battery separators and numerous other fields of processing technical textiles. With servomotorical, synchronized drives for highest demands on quality. High productivity and operational safety with marginal maintenance efforts.

•   The linear needle drive ensures highest stitch quality. The needle is not deflected, and the penetration holes are not widened.
•   Speed up to 16 m/min. at 2000 stitches/min. (depends on material)
•   Large foldable loading table to push the sewing material into the system
•   Laser marking device for exact manual positioning of the processed material
•   Distance (base machine) between left and right needle: 600 mm
•   Sewing unit in modular structure in steps of 600 mm up to approximately 7200 mm max. distance between needles
•   Stitch type: 401 double chain stitch
•   Height-adjustable top feed system to adjust to the material thickness
•   Integrated needle thread and bobbin thread monitor
•   Needle distance: min. 5 mm, or upon customer request
•   Number of needles: Upon customer request (max. 63 needles)
•   Stitch length 3 mm ... 8 mm (selectable via touch panel)
•   PLC control system with large colour touch panel and recipe management. Control panel programmable in the local language.
•   Easy conversion of the sewing tools permits an individual seam pattern
•   Processing individual cuts and/or semi-finished products
•   Processing coated material and multi-layered material

Optional Equipment
•   Continuous bottom feed for a correct feed of the sewing material through the entire machine area
•   Integrated template guide for highest loading precision and material guidance
•   Understitching OKE strips, selvedge profiles, tapes (continuous or with positioning of beginning and end of tape), etc.
•   Sewing of sinuous lines and pockets possible
•   Programmable stitch condensation at beginning and end of seam
•   Automatic loading of cuts
•   Stacking processed parts, or transfer
•   Unwinder and rewinder to process roll material or continuous production
•   Integratable longitudinal and transverse cutting system
•   Feeders to control the thread tension during the sewing process
•   Automatic foot height adjustment
•   Integration into existing production systems


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