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Integrated sewing unit for closing sideand shoulder seams

  • Brand:Pfaff Industrial
  • Product Name:Integrated sewing unit for closing sideand shoulder seams
  • Product Code:3827



•  Special sewing equipment with floating presser for smooth seams and exact application of fullness
•  Edge guide with automatic seam width adjustment when changing from side to shoulder seams
•  Semi-automatic operating cycles (adjustment of the edge guide, seam end using sensor, mirror-image seams), without complicated seam programming
•  Absolutely identical shoulder seams, due to automatic mirror image seams
•  If required – e. g. for improved utilization – for all types of assembly seams

Typical field of application
Closed side seams and shoulder seams

Performance features
•  Max. sewing speed: 4,800 s.p.m.
•  Max. stitch length: 4.5 mm
•  Output in 8h: 500 Shoulder seams, 250 Side- + Shoulder seams


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