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QONDAC Networks

  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:QONDAC Networks
  • Product Code:QONDAC



QONDAC NETWORKS is the new production monitoring system for the textile industry. The most sophisticated intelligent machine network solution in the industry manages your sewing machines in real time and digitizes your service and maintenance processes.

Compilor CPA (Monitoring and Process Analyzing Tool)
Increase your factory productivity substantially by monitoring individualized key performance indicators of your production. Compare plants, production lines or operator performances at any time just the way you like it: On your personalized dashboard.

Curator CSM (Digitized Service and Maintenance Tool)
Increase your service and maintenance efficiency and schedule your activities based on real machine usage. Send service calls automatically to a technician when the machine needs it.

Connector CAP (Data Import and Export Tool)
Import all machine data into your own Monitoring or ERP system (e.g. SAP) and get production orders from your ERP directly to the machine.

Commander CSP (Smart Operating Panel)
Industry 4.0 solutions at your fingertips: Operate your machine with new touch screen functions and show tutorial videos and PDFs directly at the machine. Call a technician by a quick touch and exchange valuable information.


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