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Perfect buttonholes for all fields of application

  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:Perfect buttonholes for all fields of application
  • Product Code:540-100-01



First-class seam quality and extraordinary flexibility - this is the new class 540-100. If another buttonhole length is desired, a knife change is made superfluous by the new cutting system. Due to the free programming possibility and a sewing field of 6 mm x 70 mm - the fields of application are unlimited. The fine adaptation of the buttonhole to various materials is done at the touch of a button. The optimized sewing kinematics guarantees an excellent stitch pattern, even with difficult materials. A new stand does not only allow a longitudinal, but also a transversal instalation so that a optimum workplace design is achieved. The use of less mechanical parts makes the machine even more service-friendly.

•  Max. speed 4.000 stitches / min.
•  Memory for 50 buttonholes and 2 freely programmed buttonholes 
•  20 sequences with up to 9 buttonholes per sequence