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The M-TYPE-longarm machine - Excellent performance parameters

  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:The M-TYPE-longarm machine - Excellent performance parameters
  • Product Code:867-190040-70 ECO M-TYPE



Sewing operations on large-sized, voluminous and padded home upholstery pieces require the use of longarm machines with large clearance, powerful material feed and long stitch lengths. The robust lockstitch longarm machines offer ideal conditions for these tasks. In order to counteract the frequent and cost-intensive bobbin change when processing large-sized workpieces the 867-190040-70 is equipped with a XXL-hook .

Above all, the "interiors" of these machines ensure considerably more productivity and quality. For the first time machines with excellent sewing parameters are available in the lower price category. For example, the maximum stitch length of 12 mm offers new possibilities for decorative stitching - or the alternating top feed stroke of ma. 9 mm easily climbing over thick cross seams.

The subclass 867-190020-70 corresponds to the 867-190040-70, but it is equipped with a large vertical hook.