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  • Brand:Beisler
  • Product Name:Sewing unit for topstitching the left trousers fly
  • Product Code:1931-5
  • Brand:Beisler
  • Product Name:Folding and attaching of pocket facings
  • Product Code:2111-5
  • Brand:Beisler
  • Product Name:Attaching left- and right-hand trousers flies and pocket facing to pocket bag
  • Product Code:2112-5
  • Brand:Beisler
  • Product Name:Attach left- + right-hand trousers flies and wing pockets
  • Product Code:2211-5
  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:optimized waistband stitching
  • Product Code:550-5-5-2
  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:Perfectly fitting preruffling of the sleeve head and taping armholes
  • Product Code:550-12-12
  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:Runstitching flaps and waistband extensions
  • Product Code:739-23-1
  • Brand:Beisler
  • Product Name:Runstitching of straight or slanted piped pockets, flap pockets and welt pockets
  • Product Code:100-68/2
  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:Runstitching of straight or optionally slanted piped pockets, flap pockets and welt pockets
  • Product Code:745-35 B
  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:Breast welt pockets with matching of the pattern
  • Product Code:745-35 D
  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:Outside pockets of men’s jackets with matching of the flap as per pattern
  • Product Code:745-35 F
  • Brand:Dürkopp Adler
  • Product Name:M-TYPE 669 CLASSIC Silverline – the specialist for tubular workpieces
  • Product Code:669-180112 CLASSIC M-TYPE