Dürkopp Adler
Special machine for programmed taping of the armholes and pre-ruffling of the sleeve crown


• Pre-ruffling and taping with only one machine (for tape width up to 3 mm)

• Double-chainstitch with individually controllable differential top and bottom feed, step motor-controlled, for perfect, finely graded fullness with accurate repetition

• Automatic feeding and cutting of the reinforcement tape

• Automatic mirroring of the first seam

• Function "Grading logic" for fully automatic program creation in all sizes, user-friendly even for operators with little prior experience – without input of grading values

• Touch control panel with graphic display for easiest handling and programming

• Ergonomic workplace for fatigue-free operation

• LED illumination of the sewing field

Field of application

• Taping of the armholes

• Pre-ruff ling of the arm crown with or without sleeve head

Performance features

• Taping of 500 pairs of armholes in men's jacket front parts / 480'

• Taping of 700 pairs of armholes in men's jacket back parts / 480'

• 300 complete jackets / 480'

• Memory capacity for 999 programs

• Max. sewing speed 5,000 stitches/min.

• Max.stitch length 4.0 mm