Çatma Textile and Machinery Industry Foreign Trade Inc. has been supplying the leading brands of industrial sewing machines to the textile producers since 1973 and serves both domestic and foreign markets with its headquarter located in Istanbul and branches, in Bursa and İzmir.

The Turkish textile sector, which is in the process of branding, should be able to mass produce without any problems its genuine designs that possess a high added value. Our mission is to stand by our producers at all times in order for the Turkish textile sector to be at where it deserves to be in the global competition of quality, production and time.

Our company believes that the life span of the machines and their efficient operation depend on the usage of original spare parts and thus, keeps a wide range of spare parts stock. With the principle of timely and complete technical support, we have a technical team that provides service to machine dealers and end-users regardless of their locations. Thus, the sewing machines you can easily access in every city through our widespread wholesale network are under the guarantee of Çatma Group.

Machine dealers and our end-users are constantly supported by trainings and seminars organized in our company or in a location they desire.