Dürkopp Adler
756 F
Sewing units with CNC stepper motor technology for runstitching straight and angled pocket openings with fully automatic feeding and pattern matching device


The 756 F is perfection in consummation. The sewing unit achieves a so far unrivaled flexibility by an almost completely programmable machine setting. The sewing unit comes standard with a fully automatic feeding of piping strips, a feeding of additional parts and a fully automatic matching device for checkered or striped flaps. Optionally it can be equipped with an automatic cutting system for piping ends.

Your new advantages:

· Operatör tarafından farklı kumaş kalınlıklarının kolay uyarlanması için benzersiz programlanabilir kumaş ayarı ile farklı kalınlıktaki fleto kumaşları mekanik ayarlamalar olmadan birbiri ardına kullanılabilir.

· New piping cutting technology: Simultaneous, time-saving cutting of the piping ends using stepper motor technology – perfect incisions even in sensitive materials

· Perfect folder system: improved material passage – simple, fast and low-cost exchange of folder and sole inserts

· Programmable pattern correction in transverse direction

· Mechanically adjustable flap guide for quality control – for perfect flap widths during pattern matching

· Improved loading devices for easy loading of the piping strips on the piping tray

· Needle distances selectable 10 + 12 mm – quick change of needle distance faster, more convenient and cheaper

Your known advantages:

· Programmable needle feed for difficult-to-feed materials

· Special "knitwear mode" for low-tension sewing of piped pockets

· Programmable laser marking lights in longitudinal and transverse direction

· Stepper motor controlled transport clamp adjustment with material spreading – for e.g. lining or stretch material

· Programmable transport clamp pressure for different materials such as lining processing with fleece strips and stretch materials

· Stepper motor controlled center knife drive with extended flexibility in material use due to adjustable knife stroke height – low knife wear

· Highest precision for corner cuts through automatic or optional multifunctional corner knife station

· Pocket lengths selectable from 25 – 180 mm

· Second thread tension ensures optimum stitch formation in the seam and in the bartack

Performance examples in 480 minutes:

· Patterned straight or slanted single or double welt pockets with flap in jackets (Additional parts: flap, piping strip, pocket bag attached)
approx. 1,000 to 1,200 pockets

· Unicoloured straight or slanted single or double welt pockets with flap in jackets (Additional parts: flap, piping strip, pocket bag attached)
approx. 1,600 to 2,000 pockets