Dürkopp Adler
M-TYPE DELTA 669 – The digital assistant for reproducible seams in leather goods manufacturing


• Integrated material thickness detection (MTD) for the automatic optimization of sewing parameters during the sewing process

• Digitally programmable setting elements: Stitch length, thread tension, top feed stroke, sewing foot lift, sewing foot pressure

• Intuitive operation through the Commander Delta control panel with the possibility to make customer specific adjustments to the user interface

• Enlarged clearance of 350 mm x 128 mm

• Electronically driven edge guides reduce set-up times and increase process reliability by automatically moving to the individually programmed distances and heights (optional)

• Easy and precise needle positioning due to electronical handwheel

• Improved sewing results due to new sewing kinematics, especially for thinner sewing materials

• Connection of industrial sewing machines in production possible using QONDAC NETWORKS

Field of application

Reproducible assembly and binding operations as well as decorative stitching in small leather goods, tubular workpieces and headrests

Performance features

• Max. stitch length 9 mm

• Max. sewing speed 3,000 stitches/min.

• Max. alternating sewing foot stroke 9 mm

• Max. sewing foot lift 16 mm

• Remaining thread length of ~ 10 mm